Company Profile

Scanbau Ltd. today possesses (between our consultants) know-how based on approximately 35 years of experience.

We have gained knowledge and experience in residential and commercial construction. The company was founded in 1995.

In the beginning we were consulting in almost all areas of the building sector, but as the years passed on the company quietly got more and more specialized in the following 4 primarily main areas;

”Sins of the past”

The company has over the years built up a considerable experience in consulting and management of "Sins of the past" Here we are thinking about:

This is about;

PCB: Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s) are present in a variety of building materials and may present a significant impact to constructions projects. The presence of PCB’s in caulking, sealants, paints, adhesives and other building materials dates from the 1930s to the banning of PCB’s in domestically manufactured products in 1979. In that time period, however, PCBs were added to hundreds of building products due to their chemical stability, non-flammability, insulating properties and high flash point.

LEAD - As the above

Asbestos - As the above

”Below the surface”

Like above we build our experience on many years of working close together with some of the largest insurance companies, the private sector and the public sector.

We have during the years achieved a significant “bank” of knowledge within scale provision, testing, CCTV, No-DIG solutions, descriptions/reports, tender calculation, “finding” the right entrepreneurs for the job, any kind of supervision, control and total counselling.

Primarily dealing with;

  • Subsidence damage in and below ground, settlement damage of foundation before and after foundation movement
  • Projecting of work/task, calculations, grouting and sketches
  • Water/damp penetrating on and under terrain
  • Drain solutions, surrounding house drain for surface water, connection drains, wastewater drains and ground-plan drains
  • Dewatering of specific areas and lowering of the groundwater level

”Hands on”

We have over the years gained a very high confidentiality with our clients and therefore we are very often “chosen” by our clients to take over the full control of the project for the client.

We are very often considered as “a stand in” for the client. Especially in building or renovation projects the client would hire us to take charge of all the aspects during the full time of the project.

For example quality control during the different phases of the project, material supervision, site control, conduction of meetings, handing over to new tenants/owners, failures/mistakes (and the hassle with that) with the builders during the building/renovating ad follow-up meetings after the hand-over of the project and also one, two and five years meetings if so is needed.

In connection with our clients investments we are often “used” as the guard dog for a critical inspection of building materials used for the project. That ensures that our clients always gets the best value for their money and we always deliver the best result.

We are also frequently used in solicitor cases where a solicitor has a complicated house/building case.

We will assist the solicitor in guiding him/her with the technical terms and difficulties so they can deliver the best result to their client.

”Energy & Environment”

Scanbau Ltd. has over a period of several years accumulated a significant knowledge within the Environment and Energy area and in 2014 we were nominated in one of our “Total Renovation” cases to the “Better Building & Living Price” and ended up amongst the top 20 in Denmark.

We possess a wide range of special knowledge and our senior engineer is reckoned as one of the top 10 smartest “Brains” in Denmark in our area, and has in a long period been a part of several “thinking boxes” and test comities in Denmark and Scandinavia.
"We approach our work in a holistic way; using a combination of precise calculations and common sense."
Our professional experience has been gained through an extensive and hard working period in smaller and larger building and renovating projects in Denmark, Germany and the Middle East all with Scanbau Ltd. or Scanbau Kft as either consultant, technical and administrative leader or as entrepreneur.
Scanbau has during the years had great success in taking the role as “problem solver” in as well small as bigger building cases. Scanbau takes on all business-related tasks in Denmark, Hungary, Germany and Ireland or where ever you as a client should need us to do so, due to our experience in the field we have over the years managed to build up a network of international contacts and we are more than happy to help you with your needs in any way we can.
Scanbau works close together with architect and solicitor and therefore we can offer you the “full packet”.
All jobs are (in the best way possible) personally controlled by the same consultant from start to finish. It is our experience that it is the easiest way for all involved.
All jobs will be done at a fixed price or in according to hourly payment or task description.


Today Scanbau has our core around 4 Consultants.

  • Timo: Born 1965, senior technical engineer, Director for Hungary, founder and Partner.
  • Brian: Born 1962, Environmental and No-Dig specialist, Director for Ireland and Partner.
  • Peter: Born 1971, Constructor.
  • Jan: Born 1955, HD in finance and accountancy.

All staff above has a military background which we in our daily work still are “marked by”. Precision and timelines is factors that have our highest priority.

We work out from two very important parameters:

“SOP” Standard Operation Procedure. Everything we do is or will become standardised since this will make our day much easier and ensure that we reach our results to the highest point for our client.

“Minimum Effort Maximum Return”. Everything is constantly trimmed and adapted for the best achievable result for our clients and thereby also for the Company.

Daily in Denmark and Sweden Peter is the “face” of the company

Timo is heads up on all the major tasks, especially in relation to our start and set-up in Hungary, furthermore is Timo in several ministerial work groups within the energy and environmental ministry (In Denmark).
Timo is besides that also represented in SBI (Danish Building Research Institute) and also in DI (Danish Industry) and not to forget he also gives lectures at technical schools and universities and much more.
Peter is the daily “Mr. Practical” who quite simply makes sure that all the strings will be tied together and reaches each other. Peter’s background in the entrepreneur business is time after time proving its value when things sometimes edge up.
Brian is our man in Ireland. Based in Cork but covering all of Ireland with occasionally trips to Denmark and Hungary. Brian’s main area is No-Dig solutions (pipe repair without digging) Drainage CCTV, rainwater harvesting, leak detection, insulating, damp/mould issues, subsidence and much more environmental related.
Jan is primarily our office man and runs our economy, time schedules, tenders, paperwork and so on. Jan is also our “Big Thinker” and his genius “new thinking” and new ideas is constantly a big plus for us.

The clients of Scanbau Ltd, and Scanbau Kft is of today mostly based on larger and middle size industrial professional entrepreneurs, insurance companies, Councils and Counties, landlords and apartment corporations, overseas companies with production facilities in Denmark, Hungary or Ireland.
But in the resent years we have seen that more and more private house owners also demands our services, mainly to insure themselves when they are self-builders or have larger (or smaller) renovation Projects.