Renewable energy

“Renewable energy”

Renewable energy is defined today as energy coming from biovarme, solar heating, heat pumps, wind turbines, photovoltaic solar energy.

With renewable energy as an energy source, you can get both environmentally friendly and cheap electricity or heat in your home. Renewable energy is not just for environmental enthusiasts, but gives also very much sense if you are interested in having a fixed price of your energy consumption.


Biofuel is a general term for the biodegradable fraction of products, waste and residual products from agriculture, forestry, industry and households.

Firewood and wood pellets are the most common heating homes with biofuel. This section provides information and instructions for proper combustion of biofuels and how to choose the right biofuel plant can save money on heating bills.

Solar cells - make your own power!

With solar cells on the roof, you can produce your own power and make you independent of rising electricity prices. At the same time you can do something good for the environment.

Solar panels provide hot water and heating radiators

With a heat pump you can use the energy in the ground or air to heat the home. Heat pumps are today both an economic and an environmental good alternative to conventional heating methods such as oil and gas.

Here you can get information and guidance on geothermal, air-water, air-air and exhaust air heat pumps and, not least, how with the right heat pump systems can save money on heating bills.

Warm up the house with heat pumps

Solar collectors are active solar heating systems that convert the sun's radiant energy to heat water. It can be both water bath and wash or hot water to radiators - ie space heating.