Energy consultancy

“Energy renovation”

The climate shield is the cover of the house.

The climate shield is anything that separates the outside from the inside: Outer walls, windows, roof, front door, and so on. There are huge savings to make on the heating bill if you have a home with a good climate shield. In many cases the investment in a proper climate shield is very quickly returned in cool cash on your heating bills.

A well-insulated house needs fewer radiators, smaller boiler or heat pump. Your operating economy and environmental impact will be significantly improved, and not least, it's nicer to be indoors in the winter.

What is the energy renovation?

Energy renovation is basically optimizing your energy consumption in your home and by doing so you get the benefit in the many savings and the comfort that can be achieved in most houses. It's you as a homeowner that is the most important player when it comes to boosting energy optimizing in your private home.

And if you want to secure your home for the future the renovation is also an important parameter. Here arises a series of questions: How will the development in the energy prices turn out? How big is my home's energy consumption? What is the value of the property? Do I have the possibility to save energy, and by that money, and what are the prospects?

And very important! What does the law and regulation say regarding new building or renovation as you as a house owner or a contractor have to be fully aware of before starting a project.

Think energy renovation before you start your building project, the money that you will spend quickly comes back if you take all things regarding insulation into consideration. If for example you want to renovate your first floor, it is a very good idea to look into if your building is tight and the insolation is sufficient before you start. If the rooms already are done and decorated and you then find out that the insulation is in poor condition then you have a problem and to fix that will become very expensive.

The best solution will always be that all insulations are up to date and in prima condition.

Energy savings is also comfort.

The secret about a good climate shield is in all simplicity to make sure that the walls, ceiling and floor of your building is “holding on” to the heat, by doing that you will get good surface temperatures on walls, floors and ceilings in the winter time.

Approximately one third (if not more) of our heat in our houses and apartments disappears out through leaks in the climate shield.

Uncontrolled air (Draft) in your building/house will always be the course of a loss in the heat and the result of that will be a higher heating bill, and the simplest way to reduce those costs is by making sure that your climate shield is in top condition.

Drag or comfort.

InLeaks in your climate shield have a huge impact on your climate in the house or apartment. If you have leaks/draft in the climate shield it will most likely be the course of damp and mould and that again can lead to damage on the house or apartment and even worse be the reason to health issues. Leaks in the climate shield should therefore for all reasons be avoided.

Give your home an overcoat.

The primary reason to seal your house/apartment is to save energy and give you and your family a better and healthier climate to live in. Besides from isolate enough it is also very important to seal the building to prevent cold air to enter from the outside.

When cold and hot air meets the air will start moving and that is what you experience as daft. One thing is that a well insulated building save you a lot of money and gives you a better living quality. Another very important thing is that a well-insulated house is acting like the inner side of a tea cosy.

The building very simply gets warm on the inside and keeps the cold out.