Housing Administration

Consulting owners and managers of residential / commercial properties

Below are the steps on how we provide owners and managers of residential / commercial properties advice:

Condition assessment:

In connection with budgeting on renovation and maintenance works in a residential/commercial property, there may be a need for a structural analysis of the structural conditions on site.

A review will always be followed up with a written status report and proposals for an action plan based on the individual building/apartment and the remaining years the property.
The status report describes the current state of the building or apartment all damages will be described and registered. Damage Description will usually be accompanied by photo shoots.
The status report and condition assessment is based on a visual inspection without destructive interference in the installations and constructions.(Not opening any walls, floors etc.


Based on the status report we will calculate an offer (Should the owner wish so) for repair of the damages described in the report.


Scanbau Ltd. will gladly assist you with the preparation of tender documents and make sure that you get the best prices for materials when it is decided to let the work commence.

When an offer is approved Scanbau Ltd. will act on behalf of the owner/administrator and prepare a construction contract, which will ensure the client against "surprises" to the extent possible.

Construction and control:

When the renovation/maintenance work is in progress Scanbau Ltd. also offer the client to join as the client's representative to ensure optimal financial,  time management and quality control.