Hands on

We go “hands on” with every project

We have over the years built up a high familiarity to many of our longtime customers and therefore the much quoted to fulfill our customers’ tasks in all respects. We are most often considered as a “stand in” for the customer.

It turns out particularly for buildings where we most often employed by our client to serve his interests during the construction, renovation, ect. Most often, at partly delevery, KS of partly delevery, materials, ongoing supervision, site management, afholdelses of construction meetings, etc., passes to the owners / buyers. Error / defect passes, 1 & 5 year reviews.

In recent years, Scanbau Ltd. conducted some "Hands On" insurance damage repairs. How Scanbau Ltd. put together a team of contractors will now be used for that task. Most often runs such cases over 2 or 3 weeks while the customer is on vacation.

Usually precursor such cases, the dwelling through rayed part to document any., Damage, but primarily, to restore the property 100% as when the customer left this.

Then repack home in containers are stored securely.

Insurance damage repaired - 24/7 if necessary to schedule.

The property is restored and approved by the owners.

In connection with the customers' investment, we used mostly for critical review of the material, bygningen- / clean. Due diligence.

Sight & estimate's business for our customers.

Lawyer cases, critical review of the file by ifm., Vision & estimates complicated construction matters.